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    A 4-Week Program that will enable you to easily manage anxiety

  • Available Online
    A 4-Week program for achieving powerful and magnetic confidence

  • Available Online
    Rewire your unconscious mind for the results you are looking for

    Starting at £50
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    Find out how I can help you today


"The first thing that struck me about Christopher is what good communicator he is.

He clearly has a love for his work, coupled with what I believe to be an empathetic nature.

With a breadth of knowledge he was able to show me where my impatience was coming from, understanding my triggers and how I had other options.

Highly recommended."


"Chris is amazing!

I have worked with Chris as his client and colleague and very much appreciate his deep knowledge and sincere integrity.

He helped me to reevaluate my relationships and move away from a toxic person. I am happy that I met Chris.

He has an innate ability to meet you where you are and communicate effectively and productively.


"I knew I needed to get a life coach but I wasn't sure who to go with.


I had a free consultation call where we discussed what was right for me and that's when I knew.


Chris was really adaptive in his approach.


I went in for one thing and it turned out it was actually being caused by something much deeper.


Can't recommend enough!”​


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